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John Stanley Pritchard

John Stanley Pritchard is an award-winning Visual-Music/Multimedia artist and filmmaker residing in Williamstown, MA. As a multimedia artist, he has produced video, animation and online presentations for corporate clients such as Sony, Time Warner, The New York Times, Microsoft, and Apple. As an avant-garde filmmaker, he has produced four art house movies with his improvisational band, VyZ - Making Movies from ImproVyZed Music. Currently, he has been focusing on generating still frame artwork from his latest film, SEE THE MUSIC (2016), which showcases 12 visual tracks from his band's FREEDOM (2015) album. SEE THE MUSIC features the amazing Aeon music visualizer created by Andy O'Meara at SoundSpectrum (rent or purchase the full movie at the bottom of the page). Pritchard plays acoustic and electronic drums while simultaneously composing on his Korg Triton keyboard. Bandmates Rich Damone on bass and Charlie Tokarz on woodwinds are master musicians who can spontaneously play any genre of music, be it jazz, rock, classical, or electronica. SEE THE MUSIC also features Miles Davis alum Adam Holzman on keyboards, who has been a special guest on all three of the other VyZ movie soundtracks: UNUM (2003), NOVUS (2004), and STAR CYCLES (2006)... see movie posters below.

"Creating music out of thin air in a group format is not easy, but if the players know each other well, really listen to each other, are in synch with other, have a similar listening history and are a little lucky, the results can be really inspiring, ultimately sounding as if it was scored out."
—Adam Holzman (keyboards, Miles Davis alum)

VyZ band

"We jam. We flow. We vyz. Every time we play, everything is new.
We first record the music and then produce the movies."

—John Pritchard (drums/keys/visuals).

"Great Music."
Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

For more about Pritchard's music and movies with VyZ, visit

VyZ-ImproVyZed Music for Movies

“My purpose for creating art is to surprise and inspire both the viewer and myself. I constantly improvise and experiment with visual-musical form, motion, light and energy. This originates from my deep love for fusing music into art. Art is holy. Art is transformative. Art is eternal. I love the creative process that rises up from spontaneity and trust each moment like it is a sacred event.”

Born January 13, 1961, in New York City, Pritchard graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1983 with a BFA in Filmmaking. His initial influences were Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Stan Brakhage, John Whitney, and Michael Snow. Currently, he has over 30 years of experience in creative direction, filmmaking, digital design, animation, video, art direction, and multimedia publishing. Learn more about his multimedia production company, Pritchard Digital Arts, at Learn more about his multimedia publishing house, Eternal Ways, at

See the Music movie

- Play the music
- Make the movie
- Produce the artwork

1) Start with the music (12 Music Tracks from the FREEDOM album released 2015)
2) Create the visual sequence for each music track by artfully choosing visual elements, color palettes, visualization settings, & effects with the Aeon Visualizer by Soundspectrum
3) Import each visual sequence into Final Cut Pro to composite with background video material
4) Export each music video track at high definition (1920 x 1080)
5) Create the artwork by selecting still frames from each video track and processing in Adobe Photoshop

Click to Preview the "See the Music" PhotoBook below (62 pages, 10x8 in). Select the "i" or shopping cart to order.

To purchase the "SEE THE MUSIC" movie as a streaming video download, see below.
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